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Great Customer Service!

How rare it is to find a great product or service that also has the customer service to back it up! The customer care at PBC is nothing short of astounding! My questions and requests get handled personally and quickly. Peter even handled a request for me on Super Bowl Sunday! Now that kind of availability is amazing. PBC is a technological wonder that has not left out the oft-forgotten human dimension! Thanks Peter!

Corinne in Connecticut

I'm an older woman on disability, I was barely surviving. I was doing good with my Main Business. But wasn't getting the big checks, that would make the difference. Then I found the Phone Broadcaster.

Now I am doing Fantastic. I sent out a broadcast of only 1113 yesterday and got 10 pre-enrolees for MyJetStream. Plus I use the Broadcaster to sell the Broadcaster. I get $100 for every sale direct to my paypal or bank account which ever one I want that sale to go to. I make between $400 to $1000 a day depending on how long I decide to work that day. I also have a free voice mail account that I can have my call backs sent to, so that I can be shopping or what ever it is that I want to do, and still be getting people's information so that I can call them back when I return home.

Now My Main Business is growing by leaps and bounds creating a bigger residual check every day, and I have lots of pocket money to pay the bills, and keep the phone broadcaster supplied with what it needs to make me more sale's and get me more pre-enrollee's. It is so simple and easy to use.

The Support system is the best I ever worked with.
We have webinars 3 times a week showing us how to set up the Broadcaster and how to use it. I could go on & on about the Broadcaster, but what I need to tell you, is the difference it has made on my life style. I am no longer juggling the bills, and I am building a huge residual check for me to retire on one day.

Having The two Business working together is networking heaven. With the economy the way it is today, it's almost impossible for anyone that is living on a fixed income to survive. The Phone Broadcaster has turned my life around. I am no longer broke and depressed about my life. Now I'm able to do what I want to do and buy what I want to buy. I know that this is suppose to be totally about me, but this is what I'm about. I was on the computer every waking hour trying hard for a decent income. Now I have it, and so can you.

-- Terry Gaytan

"This is the best of the best marketing tool we've ever used! We've just spent $24 and received over 40 leads! Where else can you find such cheap hot leads?
Google adwords would've cost us a fortune. This is fun and exciting!

Thank you Peter for creating this amazing tool."
-- Eric and Yukari,
The United Kingdom

I made so many sales that I became a true believer. Great job!! WOW. what a system. It's worth 10 times the money I paid. I am going to tell everyone.

-- Josh Bereano,
Seattle, WA

Are you serious about building your current online business? If so you need to take action NOW! I have been using this the phone broadcastclub prospecting system and to my supprise it has enabled me to have the success I've always wanted. My two main online businesses are exploding. With my morvacations business I received 38 signups, 12 of them paid members providing with an income of $1,200 dollars in just 3 short weeks. All because of this proven prospecting system. MY other program, Oceanside Wealth, has grown to over 350 members in just 7 short weeks, using the phone broadcast club's prospecting system.

Take a second, third, or fourth look at what the phone broadcast club is offering. If you are struggling in your efforts to get people calling you to purchase your products or joining your online business you need to make the right decision NOW! Become an active member and watch your online business explode.

-- Gregory A Ward Sr.

I have set up my system to dial 2500 numbers a day, this delivers about 20 people that listened to the message and about 5 that leave their name and number for more information.
Fact is - if you send at least 5 people to a presentation about your business, you will begin to recruit at least 1 or 2 per week. I don't know what your compensation plan is like, but for me, it's wonderful! It increases after every 12 people I sponsor.
I'm going to pretend you are in my paid downline for a minute. On my team, we don't explain or try to convince anyone to join our business. Here's how we do it:
1. I download about 10,000 FREE leads - available to me as a paid member.
2. I use one of the FREE voice messages - available as a paid member.
3. I set up my project to dial 2500 numbers a day between the hours of 2:00 and 5:00.
4. When I get off my Corporate job, I sit and call back all the people that left a message, usually about 5 - 7.
5. I then, 3-way them to one of my pre-recorded overviews. ( I promote one of two businesses). After the recording, I ask if they want more information. If yes, I set up an appointment to call back and send them to a lead capture page that will get autoresponders started and give them a chance to see a presentation.
6. I call back at the appointed time and ask them where do they want to start, I welcome them to the team and complete an application.

I also call the people that didn't leave a message, just to see if they were just curious or maybe interested but too shy to leave a message. Some really were interested.
I am now sponsoring at least 2 people in my business each week. I'm telling you this works.

-- Delores Montez

Not signups I hope! Wanna know how the Big Companies Do It?... PHONE BROADCASTING!!! Wanna know how the Little guys Do It?... PHONE BROADCASTING!!!
Phone Broadcasting will not only increase the amount of leads you will generate without having to hunt down prospects, but its also an automated system that you can use to increase the productivity of your members, while it doubles as a great product to generate even more residual CASH!!!

Why Limit Yourself! Expand Your Possibilities! Stop Chasing Down Prospects!
This is a very easy setup-from-home activity that anyone can do!!!

All you need is a computer connected to the internet and well show you the rest!

Become a member and find out how this tool is helping other's like you to get more leads and sign ups fast.

-- Malcolm Tabuyo

"Thanks again dude. 4O prospects, over 1O sign-ups and counting...

Hi Everyone! This is Justin Wilcox out of NV. I'm 24 years old and I'm very excited to be able to tell you about my awesome day. Yesterday (Saturday), I had my 1st Truly Successful day in my 9 years struggling in Network Marketing, and I owe it all to Peter and his Team at PhoneBroadcastClub.

Thanks to this extremely powerful Voice Broadcasting System we all have right at our fingertips, I was able to jump start my business by getting my 1st few people in a dayís time, and I was able to help those people get their 1st few. All in a single day! Thanks to the work Peter and his Team have put into the broadcast recordings, the website, and the presentations, I was able to generate 40 prospects with one broadcast and a quarter of them already converted into sales. And Iím only half way through my follow-ups! I have never seen anything in my 9 years of network/affiliate marketing work so amazingly fast.

I've simply been calling the people who responded to the 30 second PBC opportunity message, the 2 min overview voicemail recording, and left me their name and number twice as the system advices them. I just introduce myself, thank them for responding to our exciting voice broadcasting opportunity, and give them my website over the phone. That was driving people to the site.
Once they watched the video and became excited, they called me back to get their final questions answered and signed up! A very smooth and FLAWLESS system.
Thank you again PBC for everything you have put together for us club members. I've never been so successful and busy in my life. My life starts now and I owe it all to you guys!"

-- Justin Wilcox

Mr. Peter Wolfing:
I am writing you to thank you for creating such a wonderful resource. I believe that ďThe Phone Broadcast ClubĒ is a great tool for individuals who want to actually make success happen. If it was not for this amazing system, I would still be delivering Pizzas, but Iím not & itís all thanks to PBC & some friendly people in this world.
A little over 4 months ago I began my journey in Cash Gifting. I have to admit I was not doing so great my first 30 days. Although I had received a few gifts, it just wasnít as easy as I thought it would be.

 Then one day a nice gentleman called me on my cell & he asks; What are you doing to get the word out about the opportunities that you are involved in.

I replied, anything free. (Videos/Articles)
 He then asked if I was satisfied with the results I had been getting & proceeded to tell me about The Phone Broadcast Club.

 Once I saw the site & listened in on one of the conference calls. I realized the potential this system had & boy am I glad I did.

 Here it is a little over 3 months later. Iím no longer delivering pizzas & I have generated a little over $11,OOO with the help of this amazing lead generation tool.

 All I can say is that it works & the support system you have in place Peter is great. Iím not rich yet, but the way I look at it is. I am working for myself & I have about $6OOO more than I would have. So thank you & keep up the great work. I am letting as many people know about it as I can. Oh & Peter, I know everyone involved in The Phone Broadcast Club appreciates your dedication as much as I do.

 Thanks again, John

Go International!!
My name is Anthony Clarence My home Town is in Chennai which is in southern part of India. I am really inspired with your an open-hearted gift to PLR webinar where some one charges a minimum fee of $300.00 to $400.00 in India. Before when I didn't listen to your message I was a team lead who was getting a salary of $400.00 per month in a medical billing company in India that's  comes to 20,000.00 Rupees.

I am really surprised when the technology (phone broad casting) is given in lower price and a marketing person is paid highly to 67% ($100.00) .At that time I realized that USA is giving lot of importance to Human resources. I left the job at present I am doing phone broad casting as my full time primary business. In India Lot of MLM charge for nothing up to 200% and they pay only a Wimpy commission of 10% to 15%. Even though I have passed only 2 sales your compensation structure means a lot to me as according to me phone broad casting is only an one month baby with out doing any broad casting I am able to clear 2 sale. 

If I would have done broad casting obviously I would have reach up to 10 to 20 sales at present. A great appreciation goes to your B2B Leads and genealogy lead when lot of company charge $75.00 to $100.00 for 1000 leads how its possible for you to give tons (several Millions) of Leads free for phone broad cast club members it's really incredible.  Peter you are doing a great job clap, claps and claps.

Anthony Clarence
Chennai, India